Myth: Hospice care ONLY takes place in a hospice facility.

Fact: Hospice services are provided in your home setting; including private residence, assisted living, long-term care facility, Group Home, and skilled nursing facility.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a philosophy of care that is designed to reduce both the physical pain of patients and the emotional suffering of patients, families, and caregivers.

Hospice focuses on pain management and symptom control of a life-limiting illness, while concentrating on dignity preservation, independence, and quality of life.

Services Provided:

reading to patientHospice services include Medical Director/Physicians, Skilled Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistants, Social Worker Services, Spiritual Counseling, Bereavement Support, Medication Management, Medical Equipment and Supplies, and much more; All in the comfort of your loved one’s home setting.

24 hours a day/ 7 day a week, Hospice On-Call Nursing staff is available for symptom management, emergencies, and even questions.

Hospice nursing staff will offer information on what to expect as the illness progresses and is willing to train you and your loved on any care needs.

Levels of Hospice Care:

  • Routine Care – Routine care, provided in the patient’s home setting.
  • General In-Patient Care – Some patients may have short-term symptoms so severe they cannot get adequate treatment at home or they may feel more comfortable getting treatment at an inpatient facility.
  • Continuous Home Care – With continuous home care, a nurse and/or a nurse assistant will remain in the patient’s home environment for 8 to 24 hours per day. Continuous care is a short-term level of care for symptom management, that is reevaluated every 24 hours.
  • Respite Care – A patient may temporarily be admitted to an inpatient environment to give the family a needed break or respite. There is a five-day limit on respite care. When that period expires, the patient can be discharged to return home.

husband and wife in-home hospiceFamily Comfort Hospice offers a team of professionals to help with the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social impact of the disease on patients, family, and friends. We pride ourselves on helping the entire family have a peaceful experience through the completion of life.

We pledge to honor what is most important to our patients and families by involving them in an ongoing plan of care, and supporting opportunities for growth, with dignity, throughout their end of life journey.